Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testing the Ice

Testing the Ice: A True Story about Jackie Robinson By Sharon Robinson
Grades 1-4

Jackie Robinson's daughter Sharon Robinson has written this beautiful tribute to her father and the bravery he exhibited not only breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball, but also testing the ice on their frozen pond in Connecticut. Jackie Robinson couldn't swim and he always avoided going in the lake with his children and their neighborhood friends. Finally, one winter, when they were dying to go ice skating they convinced Jackie to come down to the lake. As terrifying as it must have been for him, he slowly walked all the way to the center of the pond to make sure it was completely safe before letting his kids on the ice. Sharon recounts that day vividly with pride for her caring father. This is an interesting look at the baseball hero and shows us a different side of the famous athlete. This is a wonderful winter read aloud which appeals to both boys and girls and has nothing to do with the holidays.

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