Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String

Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String By Bob Boyle
Grades K-2

Hugo lives on the top of a hill and he finds a very long red string. He is convinced that if he follows the string he will find something wonderful at the other end. As he journeys about town following the string he makes new friends along the way, but what he finds at the end is a big surprise - it's from his unraveling underwear!

Lesson seed: Read this book to your first or second graders stopping along the way to have them make predictions about what might be at the end of the string. Then give them each some drawing paper. Have them draw a red squiggly line with crayon and then ask them to turn that red line into something else.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Little Little Girl

The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice By Kristen Balouch
Grades PreK-1

This book is short in text, but has high impact. I love to read it to my kindergarten classes when introducing the concept of inferring. The vibrant illustrations show the little girl with her mouth open wide scaring animals away but it never comes right out and says why. The children can tell it's her loud screaming voice and we discuss how they know (title, illustrations, etc.) Then she meets a roaring loud lion which is her comeuppance.

Discussion seed: Use this book to teach inferring techniques with young students. Also great for text to self connections meeting loud people, being scared by loud people, making new friends, etc.