Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New School...New Friends

Poindexter Makes a Friend By Mike Twohy
PreK-Grade 2
A sweet story about a shy pig named Poindexter who meets an even more shy turtle named Shelby. They begin a friendship over a shared book at the library.

The New Girl...And Me By Jacqui Robbins
K - Grade 2
There is a new girl at school and her name is Shakeeta. The teacher asks the class to "make her feel at home" but it takes only one mean boy to exclude her at recess and things rapidly go downhill. Luckily one little girl reaches out and they see they have commonalities and a friendship blooms.

I Am too Absolutely Small for School By Lauren Child
PreK - Grades 1
A great Charlie and Lola book where Lola is trying to convince her older brother Charlie that she is too small for school. He assures her that she will be just fine and of course, she is!

Eddie Gets Ready for School By David Milgrim
PreK-Grade 2
This book is a fun getting ready for school checklist. Eddie's getting ready list include wake up, wash up and get dressed (in a cape with underwear on head), but also drink root beer and watch cartoons. Luckily mom shows up to tame some of Eddie's wildly impractical ideas. Great illustrations add to the fun!

This School Year Will Be the Best! By Kay Winters
K-Grade 1
When their teacher asks them on the first day of school what their wishes are for the upcoming year the answers might surprise you. The exaggerated illustrations are bright and colorful.

 Wemberly Worried By Kevin Henkes
PreK - Grade 2

If you haven't read this classic Kevin Henkes' tale, you must. Wemberly worries about a lot of things and now that she is starting nursery school she has even more to worry about. Wemberly's emotions are so clearly depicted in the artwork and the tender writing means you can't help but empathize.When Wemberly meets Jewel on the first day school doesn't seem so scary anymore and they become fast friends.

Starting a new school or even just going back to school after being home all summer can be very nerve-wracking for kids, especially sensitive or shy ones. If your child is feeling apprehensive about the start of school or is feeling like making friends is proving to be a bit of a challenge check out these titles at your local library. They might be just the thing to start a conversation and ease the fears.