Monday, November 26, 2012


Sit-In By Andrea David Pinkney
Grades 3-7

Teaching about the Civil Rights Movement can be difficult with young students that don't grasp what it was like to live during segregation. Sit-In does a wonderful job of showing the unfair treatment of blacks in the south and how a peaceful movement inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King's words slowly brought an end to segregation. I love how the author used a recipe metaphor throughout the book.
Here are Andrea Davis Pinkney's steps for the recipe for integration:
1. Start with love.
2. Add conviction.
3. Season with hope.
4. Extra faith to flavor.
5. Mix black people with white people.
6. Let unity stand.
7. Fold in change.
8. Sprinkle with dignity.
9. Bake until golden.
10. Serve immediately.
Makes enough for all.

Beautiful - Important - Inspiring

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