Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eight Keys

Eight Keys By Suzanne LaFleur
Grades 4-8

Elise lives with her aunt and uncle because her parents died when she was young. Behind the house is a large barn and on the second story of the barn there are eight locked doors. Elise and her best friend Franklin are getting bullied at school and she is having an identity crisis growing up without her parents and not feeling like she truly fits in anywhere. When she discovers a key that unlocks on of the barn's doors she begins a journey of self-discovery. Her father, before he died of cancer, filled each of the 8 rooms with special memories of himself, Elise's mother and Elise. This is a tear-jerker and a book I have yet to recommend to a student who didn't also become fascinated with Elise and her life. As she learns about where she came from she begins to have a sense of self-worth and matures in many ways.

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