Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Leaf Can Be...

A Leaf Can Be... By Laura Purdie Salas
Ages 2-8

What an awesome book! Each two page spread shows two things a leaf can be with short rhymes: shade spiller, mouth filler, sun takers, food makers, soft cradle, water ladle, etc. The illustrations are soft and detailed. It was such a calming book to read and a great tribute to trees and planet earth. I especially liked the section at the back of the book where there was a glossary explaining some of the terminology and a brief sentence or two about each thing a leaf can be. For example: A fine healer - some plants can be used as ingredients in medicine.

Lesson idea: Read this book and have students make their own class book each creating their own page about what a tree, flower, river, etc. can be.

Craft idea: Using brown paint on hand and wrist make a tree trunk and branch print, then using q-tips dipped in red, orange and yellow paint add leaves for an autumn tree like the one I found below at

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