Thursday, April 26, 2012

Press Here

Press Here by Herve' Tullet
Ages 3 and up

This book is fantastic in its simplicity. I love to read it to my Kindergarten students and have them take turns coming up to the book and following the simple directions on each page such as: press here, tilt the page or shake the book. After they do each action and we turn the page the dots have changed or moved and they giggle thinking they have altered the book each time.

Lesson Idea: This year I had my kindergarten students make their own mini Press Here books. I bought the dot stickers that you can get at an office supply store and folded white drawing paper in half. I wrote "Press Here" on the cover and had each student write their name on the cover and add a yellow dot sticker. Then on the inside they picked other color dots and placed them in a design of their choosing to show how the dot changed after pressing the cover. They loved making their own mini-books inspired by something that was so creative and enjoyable.

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